Djamila Ribeiro

Short Anti-racist Guide

In this small guide, philosopher and activist Djamila Ribeiro deals with topics such as current racism, Blackness, whiteness, racial violence, culture, desires and affections. In eleven short and conclusive chapters, the author presents paths of reflection for those who want to deepen their perception of structural racist discrimination and assume responsibility for transforming the state of things. For many years now, the perception has been solidified that racism is rooted in our society, creating inequalities and social divisions: it is a system of oppression that denies rights, and not a simple act of will by a subject. Recognizing the roots and impact of racism can be paralyzing. After all, how to face a monster this size? Djamila Ribeiro argues that anti-racist practice is urgent and takes place in the most everyday attitudes. And even more: it’s a fight for everyone.


* 2020 Jabuti Award in the Human Sciences category. *