Djamila Ribeiro

Djamila Ribeiro is the honored author of FliSol 2024


May 17, 2024

The organization of the ‘Morada do Sol Literary Festival’ (FliSol), in Araraquara, announced last week that Djamila Ribeiro will be the honored author of this year’s event.

“IT’S HER!!! We are more than thrilled to announce that Djamila Ribeiro is our Honored Author in the 3rd edition of FLISOL!” posted the official FliSol profile on Instagram.

The organizers highlighted that the “philosopher, feminist, and activist is an essential voice in our times, bringing to light crucial issues about racism, gender, and social inequality,” noting that, in addition to being a member of the São Paulo Academy of Letters and a guest professor at New York University, Djamila is the coordinator of Feminismos Plurais, a work that includes a book collection and an institute that supports women in social vulnerability.

“Her book ‘Pequeno Manual Antirracista’ is a powerful and accessible guide, inviting us to reflect, learn, and act in deconstructing racist structures in our society,” the post concluded.

On Instagram, Djamila celebrated the news. “It’s a great emotion. It’s the first time I receive an honor from a literary festival, and I am very happy that it is the ‘Morada do Sol Literary Festival’, in this city that has historically contributed to cultural strengthening. On November 7th, I will be there, along with my great friend, great writer, and patron of the festival, Ignácio de Loyola Brandão. I look forward to seeing you,” she said in a video posted on the social network.

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