Djamila Ribeiro

“Movimento Autoral” project promotes debates in the Plural Feminisms Space


March 8, 2024

The “Movimento Autoral” [“Authorial Movement”] project seeks to amplify the voices of authors in order to promote meetings and disseminate writings that are fundamental to contemporaneity. To this end, the Feminismos Plurais Space will host book launches, with the presence of authors at book signing evenings, tributes and lots of debate.

And the first meeting will be on March 22, with the presentation of “Poemas Ynacabados” (Feminas Publishing House), the book launch of Esmeralda Ribeiro, author and editor responsible for Cadernos Negros, one of the most traditional publications in the country.

On her Instagram profile, Djamila Ribeiro, coordinator of the Space – and of the collection – Plural Feminisms, celebrated the project: “Another wonderful initiative!”.

About Esmeralda Ribeiro

A journalist born in São Paulo in 1958, Esmeralda Ribeiro is part of the Quilombhoje Generation, which is active in movements to combat racism and build a ‘Black Literature’, based on recovering African and Afro-Brazilian memory and traditions. She is currently one of the directors of the Quilombhoje cultural project and the editorial coordinator of the Cadernos negros series, currently in its fortieth year. The writer is featured in several anthologies of black prose and poetry, both in Brazil and abroad.

The event

Friday, March 22, at 7 p.m., at Feminismos Plurais Space, located at Avenida Chibarás, 666, 10 minutes from the Moema subway and 5 minutes from the bus lines on Avenida Ibiraquera.

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