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Espaço Feminismos Plurais gets new headquarters


December 12, 2023

The new headquarters of Espaço Feminismos Plurais in São Paulo was inaugurated on Tuesday, December 5. On a night of celebration, Djamila Ribeiro and Sidnei Nogueira held an autograph session for the audience. Professor and babalorixá Sidnei Nogueira is the author of “Intolerância Religiosa” (Religious Intolerance), one of the titles launched by the Feminismos Plurais Collection (Jandaíra publishing house).

In her speech, Djamila made a point of introducing the Espaço team, emphasizing that the house is open from Monday to Saturday to anyone who needs a welcome.

Professor Sidnei Nogueira praised the work done by Djamila to expand the reach of the intellectual production of black authors:

“Although I was already a doctor, the first time I felt my writing really respected was at Djamila’s invitation, with ” Intolerância Religiosa ” (Religious Intolerance). The road for us black people is always longer. But with Djamila, we are subverting this delayed logic. Djamila is autonomous and self-leading, like Oxossi, she goes hunting and then distributes. I want to thank her for the generosity typical of the hunter, and for the abundant hunting she has produced for us, black existences. ‘We celebrate what we have, in order to receive what we deserve,’ she said, to applause.

Professor Sidnei also spoke about the importance of the Plural Feminisms Institute:

This meeting, this space, the Plural Feminisms Collection, all of this is revolutionary. We know that it’s not easy to do for black people, it’s not the norm. So what we are building together is revolutionary. We want to be an inspiration to younger people. Like those who came before us, Abdias do Nascimento, Lélia Gonzales, Sueli Carneiro, and so many others who inspired us. Now is our time, because it’s about ancestry and immortality. In our culture, we strive not to die. We have a culture of memory, of filled places, of not forgetting. And when we do, we know that we won’t fall into oblivion. Let us be amplifiers, like the voice of Exu,” he concluded.

Check out all the services offered to the community on the Espaço Feminismos Plurais website.



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