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“One of the greatest of all time”: Djamila Ribeiro attends Djavan’s show in Uberlândia


July 2, 2024

After participating as the honored author at the Araxá International Literary Festival (Fliaraxá), Djamila Ribeiro attended Djavan’s show in Uberlândia (Minas Gerais State) last Saturday, the 22nd, and at the end of the performance, the philosopher was received by the artist. On her Instagram, she talked about the meeting:

“That I love Djavan, everyone knows. But what were the chances of me being in Araxá when he was going to play a concert in Uberlândia? Since it was close by, I came once again to enjoy the show of this musical genius that is Djavan. It was beautiful to see the concert hall packed with people in love with one of the greatest artists of all time. As always, Djavan welcomed me into his dressing room with the utmost affection”.

Djamila also revealed that Djavan will be in her documentary:

“Imagine how happy I am that he recorded for my documentary! An idol who was and is part of my life, recording for a documentary about my career. An immense and incalculable honor. My thanks to my dear Suzy Martins for her kindness and care. Thank you, Djavan. For holding my hand. For being such a generous genius. For everything”, she celebrated.



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