Djamila Ribeiro

“Portugal, it was beautiful”: Djamila Ribeiro celebrates the launch of the Portuguese edition of ‘Letters to My Grandmother’


June 17, 2024

Djamila Ribeiro’s visit to Portugal was a success. On her Instagram, the Brazilian philosopher thanked everyone who attended the launch events of the Portuguese edition of (‘Cartas para minha avó’) ‘Letters to My Grandmother’ (Leya Publishing House).

“Portugal, it was beautiful! (…) I started with the event in Oeiras, on the 12th, moderated by José Mário Silva, a journalist from Expresso. It was very special to have so many people present and to leave a signed copy for the city’s municipal library,” she wrote.

On the 14th, the launch took place at Livraria da Travessa in Lisbon.

“A warm meeting and reading of some letters. I thank everyone who filled the bookstore and provided a wonderful evening,” Djamila posted, celebrating her participation in the Lisbon Book Fair on the 15th.

“I started with the autograph session and received the pleasant news that the first print run of the book was sold out. Then, a loving meeting with Gisela Casimiro and Isabél ZUAA, where we talked about the letters and the stories that touch us. My gratitude to both for their generosity and the opportunity to meet,” she thanked.

Djamila also highlighted the work of Zeferino Coelho, the editor responsible for the Portuguese version of ‘Letters to My Grandmother’:

“I especially thank my editor, Zeferino Coelho, for the excellent work he does and for all the care and attention during this trip. Zeferino is a cultural treasure of Portugal; he was José Saramago’s editor and continues to do important work for literature. It is an immense honor to be published by the person who, for decades, edited our Nobel Laureate in Literature,” emphasized the philosopher, adding:

“Finally, I thank my entire team who took care of everything down to the smallest details, my lifelong producer Brenno Tardelli, and my director and photographer, Nicole Gullane and Liz Dórea, who are leading the documentary about my life. We had the first international experience for the film and what an honor it was to record with so many incredible people. Thank you, Portugal, I’ll be back soon.”






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