Djamila Ribeiro

Outstanding night of Djamila Ribeiro at União Imperial’s parade at sambodromo of Santos


February 9, 2024

“And today, from our social struggles Of Alziras and Djamilas and others more Resounds my singing!”

The audience packed the bleachers of the Dráusio da Cruz Samba Parade in Santos in the early hours of February 3rd to see the first day of the city’s samba school parade. Second to parade, União Imperial had the presence of Djamila Ribeiro, one of the school’s honorees.

On Instagram, the Brazilian philosopher spoke of the emotion with the experience: “Being honored by one of the most traditional samba schools in Santos, in the city where I grew up, my birthplace, was one of the most exciting experiences of my life.”

Djamila also praised the quality of the samba-enredo and the school’s performance on the avenue: “União Imperial was impeccable, the parade was a true lesson extolling historical and active figures in Baixada Santista, the samba, besides being contagious, is of immense quality. The samba school came out victorious! Beautiful to see Dona Alzira Rufino and the Casa de Cultura da Mulher Negra being highlighted and revered.”

Djamila’s thanks extended to the companions of her hometown school: “All my gratitude to the community that embraced me in a very special and welcoming way. It was an ineffable honor to be part of this Carnival! Thank you! I extend special thanks to the president, Ivo Evangelista, and the Carnival Director Rubens Gordinho. Santos showed its carnival roots and marks the beginning of samba school parades in the State of São Paulo. Congratulations to the entire city that mobilized for this apoteotic night!”, she concluded.]

The parade

União Imperial’s samba-enredo spoke of azeviche, a black, ancient, and valuable stone, bringing more representativeness to Santos carnival. On the samba parade, the school honored historical figures such as Pai Felipe, Quintino de Lacerda, Luiz Gama, Esmeraldo Tarquínio, Djamila Ribeiro, and Alzira Rufino.

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