Djamila Ribeiro

“A revolution of affections”: packed audience at the opening of the school year in Macaé, Rio de Janeiro


February 26, 2024

Emotion took over the audience at the opening of the school year in Macaé last Wednesday, the 21st, at an event that featured a lecture by Djamila Ribeiro. More than a thousand people, including teachers and education professionals, gathered at Elias Agostinho Avenue to hear the Brazilian philosopher speak about her ‘Pequeno manual antirracista’ (‘Small Anti-Racist Handbook’). The award-winning work reached the hands of 7,000 education professionals in the municipal network this year through an initiative by the city hall:

“I never tire of saying how much this literacy work and training for educators is one of the things that drives me the most. It is hard work, but it will bring changes for future generations. Knowing that my books are being read and studied by schools in various parts of Brazil is the realization of dreams dreamed before me. It is the collective force of change,” wrote Djamila on her Instagram profile.

After the event, the philosopher translated her feelings for the internet users: “I am still moved, it was the opening of the school year for the municipality, training for educators, but the truth is that the night was a revolution of affections! More than a thousand people united by a purpose: transformation through anti-racist education.”

Djamila also highlighted the effort of part of the audience to attend the event and spoke of the joy of participating in a, in her words, transformative project: “People who came from other cities, took the road to be here. I heard so many beautiful words, received flowers, gifts, and a lot of axé. It is an honor to be a popular reference, to be a mirror for so many young black women,” the philosopher posted, adding: “This night will be forever marked in my heart. Gratitude to the Secretary of Education, Leandra Lopes, to the educational counselors, and to all the people involved in this transformative project. Long live the power of Education!”.

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