Djamila Ribeiro

Santos: Djamila speaks at Paulo Freire Education Week


October 13, 2023

How can we positively impact the reality of historically marginalized social groups? What can I, from my place, do to be an agent of transformation? These were some of the questions raised by Djamila Ribeiro in a lecture given to public school teachers from the Baixada Santista region on September 22, as part of the Paulo Freire Education Week, promoted by Santos City Administration.

While visiting her hometown, the Brazilian writer also took part in a ceremony at the Santos City Hall.

“On September 22, I was in my city Santos for two special moments: to give training to educators from the municipal network as part of the Paulo Freire Education Week program and to celebrate my dear friend Augusta de França Oliveira, a partner in the struggle, who received the title of Emeritus Citizen of the City, alongside educator Alcielle dos Santos,” Djamila wrote on Instagram.

Santos Carnival

At first hand, the Brazilian philosopher told us that she will be one of the honorees at next year’s Carnival celebrations in Santos.

“I met with Carnival director Rubens Gordinho and president Pelé of the União Imperial Samba School, which next Carnival will pay homage to black personalities from Santos. I was very happy to learn that I will be one of them, and that I will even be mentioned in the samba. I’d like to thank the entire board for their affection and tribute,” she said on her social media profile, and concluded: “There is resistance in Santos ❤️🔥🏹”.

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